Syrrus Powell, LCSW


My own journey with mental health started long before I became a healthcare provider. As a teen, I struggled to make sense of the chaos that was both my inner and outer world. I didn't have words to describe my experience and felt disconnected from my body. I had no capacity for self-compassion or self-kindness. I went to a therapist with whom I didn't connect and began to feel hopeless.

Thankfully, I didn't give up. I continued my search for something that could help. I discovered that not all therapists are created equal and that different therapeutic modalities speak to different people. I found healing and balance. I learned to slow down, connect with myself, connect with others, and find peace and happiness. This transformation felt like a miracle after years of suffering and my path in life became clear: to offer the tools for that same transformation to others and help alleviate their suffering.

It is truly an honor for me to walk with you in support of your journey to healing.